Our Winners

A weekend with Hanna and Lojsan
January 22, 2021
Sara McElhinney won a weekend with Hanna and Lojsan

The initial idea was to fly the winner plus a friend from Stockholm to Paris for an unbelievable weekend together with Hanna and Lovisa. The Corona travel restrictions might lead to a fancy weekend in Stockholm instead, but either way, we are certain this will be a memorable weekend for everybody involved.

Sara and her friend will be placed in a nice hotel, with breakfast included. They'll have champagne and sweets welcome them in the room. 

On top of this, they will be invited for an epic dinner together with Hanna and Lovisa, and a bunch of other activities that we'll keep a secret for now so we can surprise them as we go.

They are going to wish this weekend never ends...

We are so jealous of you Sara and beyond grateful to our Rebel Heros Hannas and Lovisa for making this possible, and for everybody joining the campaign and supporting the organisation Unizon! Together we raised over 33 000SEK to the organisation, how cool isn't that!

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