Official Rules


Charity Rebels provides a fundraising platform that leverages the power of story to radically change the way we donate. We create campaigns with amazing prizes, including vacation packages, exclusive merchandise, events and experiences.

Before you enter, see below for official rules and legal details on who can enter (nearly everyone!) Note that these rules apply to all campaigns run by Charity Rebels.


  • Each donation provides you with chances to win the draw. Donations are encouraged upon entry, though they are not required. There is NO purchase necessary to enter (although we really hope you´ll show some love to the charity giving away the prize, this is after all to support a great cause.)
  • Drawing for prizes is done at random.
  • All Campaigns have a grand prize.
  • All local regulations and laws will apply.
  • You have to be minimum 18 years of age, or have the approval of your legal guardian, to participate



Let us break it down for you. Charity Rebels is an online platform created to make charitable giving fun. 
To create an absolutely seamless experience with maximum reach, we've partnered with Target Aid (”TA”) - a global platform for all serious non-profits in Sweden. All donations made via Charity Rebels will filter through Target Aid, where they will be donated to selected charitable organizations (”Chosen Charity”).  See section 4 of the Terms of Use for more information on donations via TA.

In partnership with TA, our campaign funds directly support the Chosen Charity.

The prizes (“prizes”) can include vacation packages, celebrity connections, merchandise and much more. These prizes are made possible by the support of companies, celebrities and brands that Charity Rebels partners with. In some cases prizes may be purchased and organized fully by Charity Rebels.



It’s been made clear whats in it for you, but what’s in it for us, at Charity Rebels? We’re all about giving, having an impact and making the process FUN. We provide a fundraising platform that leverages the power of story to radically change the way we donate. We create campaigns with amazing prizes, including vacation packages, exclusive merchandise, events and experiences.

Our promise is that 50% of our entire income generated on our platform will ALWAYS go to charity. In fact this is so rare that we can’t wait for the day when other companies do the same!

The other 50% is used very carefully to make that possible! Let us explain how:

Our amazing competitions cost money to arrange. As you probably have guessed- we must source the awesome prices you can win. We also invest in our platform to make sure we have solid and up to date technique, keeping all of our donors and charities safe and making sure all competitions are fair. We cover the cost of content production and the credit card fees. We must also spread the word that we exist so our donors (awesome people like you!) can find us. That is called marketing and marketing cost money. 

When the charity has gotten 50% and all costs of running the campaign are covered, Charity Rebels kickback is 10%. Yeah, we know, it's not much. But our mission and the reason Charity Rebels exist is to raise the total amount donated to charities. And again- we challenge other companies to do the same.

Before you enter, see our ’Official Rules’ page for rules and regulations as well as details on who can enter (nearly everyone!) Note that these rules apply to all campaigns run by Charity Rebels.



Visit charityrebels.com and choose the campaign that speaks to you. Follow the instructions on the campaign page to submit your donation and enter the competition. When you donate we give you chances to win, it’s our way of saying thanks.

Unable to make a donation, but still want to enter? No sweat. We have an alternative method of entry that we call AME. Scroll down on the campaign page and click the option to enter without a donation and follow the instructions. (But we really hope you’ll consider showing some love to the charity in focus- this is, after all, for a great cause). It is not necessary to make a donation in order to enter a campaign. Donations do not increase your chances of winning. All donations are final and non-refundable. You have to be minimum 18 years of age, or have the approval of your legal guardian, to participate

Equality is important to us at Charity Rebels. All chances in a campaign are treated equally. Each free entry is automatically assigned 3,000 chances (equivalent to the donation chances you get when you donate SEK 300). The maximum number of chances is 6000 chances per person, per campaign. This is regardless of entry method and not weighted on whether a donation has been made. We use an automated drawing method to choose a winner, completely at random.



Most of our campaigns are open globally. However, some countries prohibit these campaigns and we abide by local laws. Therefore, our campaigns are void in countries where local laws prohibit entry into online sweepstakes. Campaigns may be held in specific countries – see individual campaign pages for details.

  • All employees of Charity Rebels, TA, any Chosen Charity, or partner for the relevant campaign may not enter. This includes household members and immediate families.
  • Unfair use of software to multiply entries will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the campaign and disqualification from participating in Charity Rebels campaigns at the discretion of Charity Rebels.
  • Anyone who enters is eligible to win. However, individuals may not receive more than one major prize within the same 18 month period. This limitation applies across all Charity Rebels campaigns.
  • The start and end date for each campaign is listed on the campaign page. Unless otherwise specified, we usually start campaigns at 12:00:01 A.M. Central European Time (“CET”) and end at 11:59:59 P.M. CET on the days specified. We call this time period the “Campaign Window”.



Winners will be contacted by a representative of Charity Rebels via email and/or telephone. Winners may also be announced on the Campaign page and social media. Charity Rebels uses an automated system to randomly select winners for each campaign. Each person that enters should be prepared to undergo a background check in the case that they win a major prize. These measures are taken to ensure the winner is eligible based on their national regulations and meets the required rules.

In special scenarios wherein the prize includes attending a special event or meet and greet, a background check will be required and may include a criminal record check. It is at Charity Rebels’ sole discretion to disqualify a winner in any circumstance.

In this scenario, Charity Rebels will inform the former winner and will randomly a new selected winner.

The selected winner is required to respond within the pre-detirmined time period that is outlined in the initial communication. If the selected winner fails to respond and complete any required steps outlined in the initial email, Charity Rebels reserves the right to move on to the next randomly selected winner.

In cases where the prize involves guests, any guest involved in the prize experience held by Charity Rebels will be required to sign a liability release form and may be asked to complete a background check for certain major prizes.



Please visit individual Campaign pages for approximate prize value and conditions.


All prizes that does include travel, unless otherwise stated, will require travel on pre-selected dates. Accommodations to travel dates will not be considered. Airfare will be booked in economy class unless otherwise stated on the Campaign page. Winners of trips including international travel will be responsible for acquiring any visas or required travel documentation. Charity Rebels is not responsible for any travel interruption including and not limited to flight cancellations, delays, or missed flights. In the case that travellers are removed from the aircraft for behaviour reasons, Charity Rebels and partners reserve the right to revoke prizes or terminate travel. Any additional expenses including and not limited to baggage fees, gratuities, travel upgrades and meals will be at the expense of the traveller(s.) Charity Rebels does not provide travel insurance in cases where it is required. It is the winner's responsibility to purchase relevant insurance for the specific trip, unless otherwise stated.

Prizes set for each campaign are final. Charity Rebels will not accept requests to have prizes substituted or redeemed for cash.


Winner Promotion:

By accepting the Prize, you agree that we can use your name, address (city and state), photograph, voice and/or other likeness and Prize information to tell everyone how awesome the Prize was. This means we can include you in advertising and trade and promotional materials for Charity Rebels, in any form of media (including media that’s not yet known), and that we can do so without any additional compensation. This only applies unless otherwise prohibited by law.


Personal Information:

Upon entering in a campaign, Charity Rebels will collect basic contact information. By entering a campaign, you agree to our Privacy Policy. In the case that you accept a Prize, you agree that Charity Rebels may use your information (name, address, photograph and prize details on our Website or other forms of advertising. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on how we keep your info secure.

In the event that a winner is contacted via email, the official owner of that email account will be granted ownership of their entries. In the case of a dispute in email account ownership, the authorized account holder will be required to provide proof of their account from their electronic mail service provider.



Charity Rebels will not under any circumstances be liable to the entrant for any indirect, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages (including and not limited to personal profit loss) arising out of or relating to participation in a Campaign.

Charity Rebels and all partners of Charity Rebels (”Released Parties”) including sponsors, prize donors, promotional companies and campaign charity recipients are not responsible for lost communications; any lost or undeliverable mail due to reasons including and not limited to electronic malfunction, mailing errors, incorrect contact information.


Upon entry to a campaign, you agree to the following:

  1. You will be bound by the Official Rules set out by Charity Rebels as well as by all local laws. Consent given upon entering a campaign is binding
  2. You have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations set out for each Campaign and do not carry rights to claim ambiguity with respect to these rules
  3. Unless the law prohibits you to do so, you waive the right to initiate any legal action or lawsuit against Charity Rebels and the Released Parties with connection to the campaign
  4. Unless the law prohibits you to do so, you waive the right to claim any damages
  5. You agree to release the Released Parties from any and all disputes that may arise as a result of your participation in a Campaign or in a prize experience.


Any disagreements and disputes that may occur between Charity Rebels, the Released Parties and the entrants will be governed by the laws of Sweden.




Charity Rebels reserves the right to update these Official Rules at any time.

© 2020 Charity Rebels AB. All Rights Reserved.

These Official Rules may not be reprinted or republished in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Charity Rebels.

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