Our Charities

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Here's a little backstory to how we work with charities.

To create an absolutely seamless experience with maximum reach, we teamed up with Target Aid - a global platform for all serious Non-Profits in Sweden.

All donations made on Charity Rebels are transfered directly to Target Aid. This ensures that funds are securely and efficiently delivered to the causes, and that all Non- Profits follow ethical and safety regulations. 

Our charity partners work tirelessly to create real change in the world. We made it our mission to serve world changers, which is why every Charity Rebels campaign is self-funded with no budget required from our charity partners. This way we can raise the biggest amount possible — and make the most impact. Remember, mimimum 50% of all income generated on our platform goes directly to charity.


We let our Rebel Hero decide where the money raised in each competition should be donated. The organization chosen must however be an approved Non-Profit organization by our partner Target Aid.

If YOU are a charity organisation that would like to be part of this, let us know! We will be more than happy to help you continue doing your world changing work! Send us an email at contact@charityrebels.com and we will pass it on to Target Aid to help verify your organisation.
Please remember, it is up to our Rebel Hero to choose his or her dedicated organization for each specific campaign, based on the qualifications set out by Target Aid and their partner Pennybridge. 

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