How it works

Okey, what’s the fuzz about Charity Rebels, guess you are curious to find out?
Charity Rebels run campaigns where anyone, anywhere have the chance to win amazing prizes and contribute to a good cause at the same time. To our help, we have an awesome troop of Rebel Heroes (yes, that's what we call our amazing Ambassadors) who use their power to reach out and tell you guys about all the fun that’s going on in here. 

To boost both the winning prizes and the reach of our campaigns, and with that the number of participants, we do some investments. This way, we can expand our reach far beyond what’s usually done in the non-profit world, and fulfil our mission to increase the total funds raised for our charity partners. 

We always strive to keep our costs to a minimum, not only because we are social entrepreneurs, but more importantly; it gives us more to give to the good cause at the end of every campaign. We work day and night to find ways to do this; through sponsors and partnerships. 


How to enter a campaign:

1. First, simply choose the campaign that speaks to you.

2. Then, choose which level you want to enter*. We devote a minimum of 50% of the entire income to charity, but our goal is even higher. The more money raised, and the more we manage to get sponsored, the higher the percentage for charity.

When you enter we give you chances to win, it’s our way of saying thanks.

3. Once you have chosen an amount and submitted your contribution, that's it, you're in! Now all you have to do is cross your fingers and wait for the winner to be announced.

Once the competition period has finished, we will announce the winner on our webpage, Instagram @charityrebels as well as via emails and newsletters. We promise - if you win you won’t miss it!

* If you are unable to make a contribution but still want to enter, no sweat. We have an Alternative Method of Entry that we call AME. To find the link to the AME form, scroll down on the campaign page and click the option to enter without making a donation and follow the instructions (but we really hope you’ll consider showing some love to the charity in focus - this is, after all, for a great cause). Each AME form submitted gets you 3000 entries to the chosen campaign. 


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