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Inspiring entrepreneur and influencer, mother of two, Olivia Rothschild shares parts of her life on her colorful instagram with such honesty, courage and enthusiasm for nature and will to understand everybody around, that anybody that stops by are caught in her beautiful moments. 

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You and your friend will get to spent 2 nights at Mormors Pensionat, a super cozy hotel in Öland, including breakfast at Mormors Stenungs Bageri, a well-composed dinner at the wonderful Bistro & Restaurant, and we'll even hook you up with SPA tickets at the nearby spa so you can fully enjoy a fantastic weekend in this little secret escape. Make it romantic or with your BFF, either way we are mad jealous of the soon to be winner!

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An organization founded in order to safeguard women’s lives and ensure that their children have the chance to thrive

The Panzi Hospital was founded in 1999 by Dr. Denis Mukwege. The first patient who arrived at Panzi Hospital was not a delivering mother. She was a rape victim who had been shot in her genitals. Unfortunately, the brutality has not stopped since — it has worsened.

Dr Mukwege is the chief physician and initiator of Panzi Hospital. He has received the 2008 UN Prize for Human Rights and the Olof Palme Prize for his efforts for women and children who have been subjected to sexual violence. In 2018 Dr. Mukwege was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize together with Nadia Murad.

Photografer Torleif Svensson
Dr. Mukwege with patient

Over the past 20 years, Panzi has earned a global reputation as the preeminent treatment center for survivors of sexual violence in conflict. More than 85,000 women suffering from rape- or birth-related complications have been treated by the hospital's expert personnel, with thousands also taking advantage of the innovative holistic healing model that enables them to rebuild their lives. The Democratic Republic of Congo has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, but at the Panzi hospital things are different with 99.1% live-birth rate.

Friends of Panzi Hospital

Win a super cosy weekend in Öland

In collaboration with Friends of Panzi Hospital
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Oh boy! Want to win a weekend at one of Olivias favorite places in Öland, the fantastic Hotell Mormors Pensionat? Of course you do, we do too!

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