Who is she?

Evelina Forsell is one of the shiniest makeup stars on our youtube scene. Her biggest passion in life is beauty and she is well known for her unique makeup, hair and fashion looks as well as being cruelty free and vegan in her choices. When she studied to become a makeup artist back in 2014, she uploaded her very first makeup tutorial on Youtube as a school project and it quickly became viral. Her channel ranges from amazing makeup tutorials to crazy hair inspirations and beauty tips and if you have not discovered her yet boy you're in for a treat!

What you'll get

You will receive a gift card worth 600USD at one of Evelina's favorite makeup shops Sephora so you can stock up on all the basics you need to get a flying start. On top of that you will receive a Ring Light worth 120 USD, perfect when recording your own videos or just doing your makeup. And what else? You will receive not one but TWO private zoom sessions with Evelina herself where you can ask everything you've always wanted to ask her, may it be tips on how to become a youtube star or how to make a shockingly cool new hair look. This kit will give you everything you need to start your own channel- perfect for the aspiring youtube artist!, 

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Phase out animal testing!

Ten years ago, the EU adopted a directive that aimed towards replacing animal testing as well as reducing the number of animals still needed to be used. Unfortunately, little has changed since then. Over 23 million animals are still being subjected to painful experiments in the EU each year. Djurens Rätt demands that the EU take action to replace the use of animals in science.  

A recent survey has shown that over 72% of EU citizens think Europe should phase out animal testing. Despite this, over 23 million animals are subjected to painful experiments in Sweden and other EU countries every year. 

Funding for the development of alternatives to animal testing is still insufficient. What we need are modern, effective and non-animal research methods! You can help the animals by making a donation. Thank you! 

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Win a $600 giftcard at Sephora

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Want to win the PERFECT tools to get started with your own makeup channel?  Want to know the secrets of Evelina Forsell and learn her personal tips ranging from makeup to hair and listen to her story of how she became a youtube star? 

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