About Us

Giving is Winning!

Here’s our story. Charity Rebels started in a shared vision between us, three Swedish female founders. We wanted to make dreams available to everyone, anywhere. How is that even possible, you may ask? Well, we figured out a way - which resulted in a platform where anyone could win absolutely amazing prizes and dream-come-true experiences. 

But this was only half of our vision. We also united in a frustration in how we look at and talk about charity today - and what is considered “right” in the business of raising money for non-profits. Today, companies make tons of money selling products nobody really needs or that even harms you or the environment - without giving a penny to non-profits. With the huge power to impact, why are these companies not doing more to support charity? We asked ourselves; what if we, instead of starting a small non-profit with little chance to impact, actually start a business with the goal to support all charity organisations out there who are already amazing at what they do? 

Said and done. Charity Rebels decided that everyone participating in our campaigns would not only have the chance to win big, but also to contribute to something bigger. We believe good things should be rewarded, and give anyone the possibility to both have their dream come true AND contribute to an amazing non-profit. So here we are, giving you the chance to fulfill your dream while devoting the majority of our income to non-profits! You heard us - Giving is winning!

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